Questions often asked

- What is the weather like?
Mostly sunny, not too hot, because of the cooling effect of the trees and the stream. But even in the South of France it can sometimes rain. 

- What are the times of arrival and departure?
You are welcome on Saturdays after 17.00h
Departure: Saturday morning before 10.30h

- Can we bring children? 
No, to maintain the atmosphere of peace and quietness in the valley we have decided to receive only adults in the cabins and in the gite.

- Can we bring our dog?
Only if the dog is very quiet, is kept on the lead at your own cabin, and you keep everything clean.

- Can I use my mobile phone at your place?
Yes, but sometimes you have to go a bit higher up to get a good reception. This is difficult in some places because of the mountains. If necessary you can be reached on our number: 0033-565997421

- How far is La Frayssinette from...?Hoeveel km. is La Frayssinette van.......?
Albi-40 km. Toulouse-120km. Montpellier-195km. Millau-75km.
Paris-750km. Mediterranean-160km. Utrecht(Holland)-1300km.

- Is it possible to swim at your place?
Yes, there is a natural basin in the stream. You can also go to the river Tarn at 6km, a small lake at 12km, and two large lakes at 50km North and South of La Frayssinette

- Is leisure in the nude permitted?
Yes, near the stream, at your cabin.

- Is there a possibility to rent a canoe?
Yes, on the Tarn at 6 and 15km. On the Dourdou at 15km, and in the Gorges du Tarn at 90km.

- Is it a good and nice area for hiking?
You can make some nice walks here. We can provide you with detailed maps and descriptions of various walks.

- What are your grounds like?
It is rather steep with many grass covered small terraces. Various sunny spots, alternated by shady trees. There are also many narrow paths and steps to cabins and the river.

- Is it possible to get to my cabin by car?
No, the paths are too narrow for cars.

- Do you have WiFi? 
Luckily the wood is still free of radiation and wifi signals. In El Capillo there is wifi from 10.00 till 12.00 and from 16.30 till 19.00h.

About the Nature Art Weeks:
- Is it necessary to be an artist for these weeks?
That is an asset, but if you just enjoy working artistically in and with nature, we have many possibilities to create large and small projects.

- Nature Art sounds interesting, but I have no idea of what I could make?
By looking at examples, playing with possibilities and working on projects, you will be inspired to ideas of your own.

About the Tango weeks for beginners:
- What is the difference between the Argentine tango and ballroom tango?
The ballroom tango has fixed patterns. The Argentine tango does have 8 basic steps, but from these endless variations can be made. That is why it is a dance of improvisation, in which one plays with the music with feeling and in contact with the partner.

- Do I have to come with a partner to take part in the tango classes?
It is to be preferred, but should you come on your own, no problem.
We will find you a partner and we change partners regularly.