Itinerary by Car

Address: La Frayssinette, Le Bousquet, 12550 La Bastide solages  tel. +33-(0)565997421

GPS: North 43.944428 ,  East 2.538093

1. Itinerary Paris - Orleans - Bourges - Clermont-Ferrand - Millau

Around Paris continue to follow the signs Bordeaux
South of Paris on the A10 follow the signs A71 Orléans
Follow the A71 via Vierzon, Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand
After Clermont -Ferrand follow the A75 direction Montpellier
Near Millau you pass at a height of 280m the Tarn Valley on the highest viaduct of the world. The charges are 7€.
After this viaduct you take the first exit (46) to St.Rome de Cernon and drive via the D999 to St.Affrique. Once there you follow the signs Albi.

If a GPS is used, first navigate to St.Affrique. Not until then put in the coördinates of La Frayssinette! Our itinerary gives motorways, GPS leads you to winding country roads.

30km after St.Affrique, just after St.Sernin, you pass a bridge, take the first road to the right, the D33 direction Plaisance. After Plaisance keep on the D33, after 3km turn left, the D555 direction Solages.
After 1km at the sign Le Bousquet and La Frayssinette a sharp turn to the right.
In Le Bousquet follow the signs La Frayssinette.
After the second bend reverse into the parking place.

30 km na St Affrique vlak na St.Sernin ga je een brug over, de eerste weg na de brug ga je rechtsaf, de D33 richting Plaisance. Na Plaisance vervolg je de D33, na 3 km sla je linksaf de D555 in richting Solages.
Na 1 km bij het bord Le Bousquet en La Frayssinette scherp rechtsaf.
In Le Bousquet volg je de bordjes La Frayssinette.
Na de tweede bocht achteruit de parkeerplaats op rijden.
GPS: 43.944428 , 2.538093

2. Itinerary Paris-Orleans-Limoges-Brive-Cahors-Montauban-Albi

Once in Albi follow the signs Rodez, then Millau (D999). After 11km turn left, Vallée du Tarn, Ambialet.
In Ambialet turn right through a small tunnel, then twice to the left, first Vallée du Tarn, Trébas, then Courris. You cross the Tarn, which is now to your right, and follow it until Trébas.
You pass the village and keep to the right, following the Tarn. After 1km you turn sharp right, cross the bridge (dam) and turn right, direction Plaisance. After 5km turn right, the D555. After 200m left, follow the signs Le Bousquet, La Frayssinette.

3. Toulouse-Albi-La Frayssinette

In Toulouse take the motorway direction Albi, once there see 2.

4. Montpellier-Lodeve-A75 direction: Millau-Clermont-Ferrand

Take the A75 to Millau and the famous viaduct. Before the viaduct take exit 47 direction St.Affrique/Roquefort. Follow the signs St.Affrique. In St.Affrique direction Albi (D999, 33km). 2km After St.Sernin keep to the right, direction Plaisance (D33, 10km). 10km after Plaisance down to the left, direction Solages (D555, 1km), then up again and the first sharp turn to the right, at the signs La Frayssinette and Le Bousquet.

5. Rodez -  Requista

In Rodez follow the signs Millau-Albi-La Primaube (N88), then direction Millau until La Primaube, in La Primaube at the last roundabout to the right (N88), after 400m to te left to Cassagnes-Beghones and Requista (D902, 30km). In Requista direction Lincou, Vallée du Tarn.
In Lincou just before the bridge a small road to the right (D200, D172, 12km). The river is now to your left. After 5 km you pass a bridge (dam) on your left, two tunnels, and at the second bridge you turn left, cross the bridge, and then right, direction Plaisance (D665). After 5 km you keep to the right (D555), and after 200m left, to La Frayssinette and Le Bousqet.
NB! There are more hamlets called Le Bousquet. The one you are looking for is near 12550 La Bastide Solages (2km)

* In Le Bousquet keep to the left, past the white house, then down to the right, at the T to the left, 200m, then down to the right, with two sharp bends (careful!). In the second bend, at the blue P sign, reverse down into the parking place.

Saturday between 16.00 and 20.00