La Frayssinette for sale

We are now 68 and want to slow down, we still enjoy hosting guests, but Frayssinette is getting too big for us. We have since found a house with a large garden in a village nearby.
Frayssinette is not a slick or perfect house, but an inspired place. We would like to to transfer Frayssinette to people who want to live here all year round and fit well with this place in terms of intensity and energy.

vLa Frayssinette, vakantiehuis midden in natuur

We do receive many enthusiastic responses to our ad on green-acres. Most of the information you will find on this website. Also read the Faq, there you will find many answers to your questions. Please note that most pictures are taken in spring and summer on sunny days. In reality there are of course also rain and cold days.  

Living in the middle of nature also means that you have to deal with the whims of nature: with storms a tree can fall, with heavy rain the gravel can wash off the paths and a few years ago, in a winter with extreme rain, a piece of land from the neighbors slid onto our property. Fortunately on a piece of property we do not use, which is now deformed into a chaotic mountain landscape.
If you are seriously interested in buying La Frayssinette and also have the financial resources, then go ahead.  Price: 325,000 euros

For us Frayssinette is not a commercial/professional object to sell/buy!

Our house is situated on a slope of a valley. The terrain needs some maintainance, especially in the months of may and june. Because of the slope the work requires energy and a good physical condition. Maintainance of the property gets harder as you get old.     

We are already busy in April and May to receive guests, so please do not come unannounced. There are special days and hours (11h00 - 16h00) during the day for viewing/visiting our house and place. They will be send to you in a separate email.  Please don't call us. Please send us an email- - to ask for information and to make un appointment for a visit....

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Our house in the middle of nature

Our house: more info

Guest house "El Capillo”

Guest house: more info


Dancefloor: more info

Gite El Sueno

Gite El Sueno: more info

Casa Roca

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River: more info

Around the House

Around the house: more info

Property and Garden

property: more info

Surroundings and shops

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Hiking trails

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Price 325,000 euros




2 Houses = 9 rooms

Surface area 230 m2

5 bathrooms

4 toilets

3 kitchens

+ 1 covered dance floor 60 m2

3 terraces

Holiday home Çasa Roca, 3 rooms 60 m2

te El Sueno 37 m2

Total 327m2

3.3 ha, forest and meadow

Wooden chalets.

River with waterfalls and basin for swimming

Private parking for 10 cars

Video La Frayssinette

Video River + waterfalls

Who are we

We, Peggy and Vincent, have lived here for more than twenty years and we try to make this place into even more of a paradise. Peggy makes paintings on silk and felt, mosaics, gelli-printings and other forms of art. Vincent makes music. Together we are enthusiastic dancers of the tango.

Fortunately, we are both very skilled and resourceful enough to be able to make and maintain all buildings on the 3.3 ha property ourselves. With imagination, hard work and perseverance, we designed and built everything in our valley. New ideas keep coming. That is why we are never really finished, which we don’t mind. This very process of creation and outdoor activity are part of the pleasure of our life her.

Vincent Slemmer en Peggy Spijkerman