La Frayssinette

vLa Frayssinette, vakantiehuis midden in natuur

La Frayssinette, a holiday home in the middle of nature

Our house, “La Frayssinette,” is situated in the middle of a fairytale forest. Next to it is the meeting place, “El Capillo,” with a dance floor and a colorful terrace The beauty of La Frayssinette is that the living area almost melts with the nature around it.

In the attic, films can be shown on a cold night or a rainy day, or one can borrow a film to watch “at home.” We have more than a thousand films of different genres.                                                                  Also we have more than fifty games for two or more, which can be borrowed.

In the livingroom there is a wooden crate with plastic maps for about thirty trips to explore the neighborhood: beautiful villages, historical cities, castles, markets, restaurants, lakes, rivers, and secret swimming holes. Each card has its own descriptions, pictures and directions how to get the area you wish to explore. And of course, you can take it with you.

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Who are we

We, Peggy and Vincent, have lived here for more than twenty years and we try to make this place into even more of a paradise. Peggy makes paintings on silk and felt, mosaics, gelli-printings and other forms of art. Vincent makes music and an audiophile. Together we are enthusiastic dancers of the tango.

Fortunately, we are both very skilled and resourceful enough to be able to make and maintain all cabins on the 3.5 ha property ourselves. With imagination, hard work and perseverance, we designed and built all the cabins in our valley. New ideas keep coming. That is why we are never really finished, which we don’t mind. This very process of creation and outdoor activity are part of the pleasure of our life her.

Vincent Slemmer en Peggy Spijkerman

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