el capillo

The house "El Capillo (2005) (150 m2) is a guest house/ chambre d'hôtes.

Downstairs is a guest living room of 54m2 with an open kitchen and French doors to an east-facing terrace. In the middle of this room is a high-efficiency 12 kw wood-burning stove to heat the house.
A sliding wall connects to the 60m2 dance floor.

On the first floor, there are 2 bedrooms: (18m2) and (16m2) both with private bathroom and private terrace.Also on this floor is a 3rd bathroom with toilet.
On the upper floor a cinema/massage room of 30m2 and a 3rd bedroom (15m2) with balcony.
On the roof there are roof tiles and solar panels for heating 300l. Boiler.

In this house, 2/3 of the windows and French doors are double-glazed.
Roof and floors are insulated and walls are insulated with hemp fibre plaster.
Our house and the house El Capillo are independent houses with their own front door and their own quite separate terrace. They are connected by 2 doors.

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